Your One Stop Hair Braiding Salon

your-one-stop-hair-braiding-salonAre you thinking of a new hairstyle to have a refreshing new look? If you are contemplating whether you should get your hair braided, I tell you, yes, go get it! But first, you have to look for a braiding shop in Houston that will help you get that head-turner beautiful braids.

O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair is an expert in hair braiding in Houston, Texas. We use the latest techniques and trends in hairstyling to help you achieve your desired style. Our expert hairstylists are also very accommodating and will respect your preferred hairstyle.

We offer a variety of hair services, such as Havana, Kinky, Marley, Senegalese Twist, Comb Twist, Loc Re-Twist, Nubian Twist, and more. If you have your kids tag along, we also offer kids’ braids for them. Aside from hairstyling and braiding, we also offer hair extensions to pull off that amazing look with their braids.

Besides boosting confidence and giving you a fresh new look, braiding strengthens your hair and saves it from breakage. Braids also protect your hair from heat damage and humidity.

So if you are looking for braiding services in Texas, you may visit our location at 12067 Clifton Oaks Dr., Houston, Texas 77099. For inquiries, you can contact us at 817-744-0270.

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