Your Little One’s Crowning Glory Is Safe With Us


If you are a parent, you wish and aim for nothing but the best for your child. To achieve this, you do whatever it takes to provide them both what they need and want in life so that they live out their early years happily. Boosting your baby’s confidence is the best place to start, and our braiding services in Texas can help!

Having your baby’s hair braided for the first time is an experience that will induce a mixture of emotions. Excitement, but also fear. You want to ensure your child’s scalp is protected. Here at O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair, there is no need to worry, as we will ensure your little one’s crowning glory is safe with us!

A child’s head, especially their scalp, is vulnerable. Given that they are still growing, we must be cautious. Our high-quality hair services are committed to providing your child’s hair the salon treatment that it deserves so that they feel beautiful and confident with their precious locks. Here are a few cute, fun, and practical braid ideas for kids:

  • Corn rows with beads

    If your child loves bright colors, they will surely stand out from the crowd with this hairstyle!

  • Box braids ponytail

    For your kid who is always on the go, this hairstyle works best for sports games.

  • Rainbow box braids

    This hairstyle is perfect for kids who want to express creativity without damaging their beautiful natural hair!

The key to confidence is being comfortable in your skin. Through our cutting-edge services on hair braiding in Houston, Texas, we will help create a look that suits their hair texture and type, where they will indeed look and feel great in being who they are.

Let’s help your child be proud of the crowning glory they wear every day! For more details on our kids braids services, contact us at 817-744-0270.

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