What You Need to Know Before Getting Braids

What You Need to Know Before Getting Braids

Braids are great for any season and occasion. They not only protect your hair from damage but can also elevate your look. From box braids to comb twists, there are several braid techniques and patterns to choose from. While the versatility may be appealing to you, it’s important to note that braids also require commitment.

As a salon specializing in hair braiding in Houston, Texas, we will share what you need to know before getting braids:

  • Prepare your hair before the appointment
    A good foundation will help preserve your braids for as long as possible while enabling a smooth installation. Most hair services will keep your hair braided for about a month, so it’s important to ensure your hair is condoned well and the scalp is clarified. This facilitates healthy hair growth and keeps your locks well-moisturized.
  • Takedown your braids on time.
    Braids are considered protective hairstyles that protect your hair from heat and other chemicals. While it can be tempting to keep them on for longer, doing so can cause serious damage. To determine the best time to take them out, discuss various installation periods with your stylist.
  • Engage in regular maintenance
    Regular maintenance will keep your braids fresh and will help them last longer. A silk head wrap can prevent frizz and protect your edges as you sleep. It’s just as important to find a reliable hairstylist that you can entrust your natural hair.

O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair is a hair salon specializing in braiding services in Texas. Whether you prefer the Senegalese twist or prefer cornrows, we can help you achieve your desired look. Send us a message or call us directly to arrange a hair braiding appointment with one of our experts.

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