What to Do After Taking Down Your Braids


After weeks or months of enjoying a beautiful braided hairstyle, the time has finally come to take it down. Whether you had a Senegalese twist, cornrows, or other braids, you need to ensure you take care of your hair properly after taking down the hairstyle. You can always seek the help of professional braiding services in Texas or you can always do it by yourself. Just follow these tips:

  • Detangle Your Hair

    Detangling your hair after taking down braids is very important. Hair services providers will always attest to its importance. After removing braids, it’s very common to have tangled hair. Use a wide toothcomb or use your fingers to detangle your hair. Make sure you portion your hair into smaller and more manageable portions. Never pull your hair or comb too forcefully.

  • Clear and Deep Condition Your Scalp

    After you’ve enjoyed your comb twist or whatever type of braid you may have had, it’s time to deep clean your hair and deep condition it. Even though you cleaned your scalp even with your braids on, first can still get stuck, so clean your scalp well and deep condition your hair to maintain its health.

  • Trim Your Hair and Let It Rest

    Trimming your hair and letting it rest after a braid can help get it back to its natural and healthy condition. Also, it helps you to get a qualified opinion from your trusted hair salon professionals about the current state of your hair. The period of rest for your hair will allow it to rejuvenate and prepare itself for your next styling adventure.

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