Ways to Prepare Your Hair Before Braiding


Are you worried about the outcome of your braiding appointment? Consider these tips to help prepare your natural hair before you undergo a braiding session in the salon.

  • Do your research.
    Before going for hair braiding in Houston, Texas, look up the pros and cons of the braid style you want and see if it fits your lifestyle and hair goals. This way, you will know better how to take care of your hair and maintain its health. It will also help you make the right decisions to keep your hair at its maximum best.
  • Make sure you have healthy strands.
    Keeping your hair healthy after braiding services in Texas is one thing, but making sure your hair is spic and span before the installation is another. If you have issues with elasticity and porosity, address and treat them before getting a braid. Try deep conditioning, protein treatment, or whatever works for your hair.
  • Detangle and stretch your hair.
    Whether you are getting a braid or other hair services, it is essential to keep your hair detangled and stretched before a hair stylist handles it. If you have a preferred comb, let your stylist know. You may also ask them to use specific styling products if you have anything in mind. This way, you will protect your hair from damage and avoid getting a bad headache during the whole process.
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