Techniques for Detangling Natural Hair


Are you tired of battling tangled knots and the snarls in your hair? Look no further because your trusted hair salon is here to offer you expert guidance and techniques on detangling your hair. Get ready to learn about the greatest techniques to detangle your natural hair.

  • Detangle with Your Finger

    Finger detangling is one of the best and most gentle ways to detangle natural hair. There are many reasons why hair can get tangled easily. For instance, you may have recently had your comb twist removed so your hair can be tangled. When you use your fingers to untangle your hair and work the knots, you minimize the breakage and maintain your hair’s natural curls and pattern.

  • Using a Wide Tooth Comb

    Using a wide-tooth comb is a detangling technique that many braiding services in Texas professionals use. Using a wide-tooth comb will gently detangle your hair because the wide spaces in between the comb’s teeth prevent snagging and excessive pulling which will later cause damage to your natural hair.

  • Do the Sectioning and Twisting Technique

    The sectioning and twisting technique is a time-tested technique that has been utilized by many professionals in the realm of hair services for detangling natural hair. It’s always a good idea to work in smaller and more manageable sections. This way, you have more control so you prevent unnecessary force pulling your hair.

Natural hair is very sensitive so you have to be careful. Also, you have to make sure that you untangle your hair in the most gentle way possible. Also, if you’re looking for hair braiding in Houston, Texas, call us at O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair now.

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