Simple Ways to Care for Your Havana Twists


Are you planning to get the Havana twists you’ve been dreaming of for many months? This is your sign! But first, there are several things you need to prepare and some essential reminders to maintain it. Learn more below.

  • Prepare your hair

    Wash, condition, and stretch your hair before installing any protective style. Whether getting Havana twists or braiding services in Texas, clean your hair before anything else. Pre-washing your hair is as essential as maintaining it as soon as the styling is complete.

  • Protect your edges

    If you think your twists are too tight, do not hesitate to let your hair stylist know. It will help prevent breakage or bumps along the hairline after the installation. It is also vital to remember that before getting any hair services, choose a reliable and expert hairstylist.

  • Seek professional help

    Consulting an expert allows you to prevent mishaps during or after the protective style installation. A professional will cater to your needs and ensure you feel comfortable. So, should you have any tightness or painful twists, speak up and let your stylist know!

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