Maintaining Your Braids During Night


After a whole day of getting your braids done, you need to worry about how you will keep them during the night. In bed, your braids can get destroyed, and your hair will no longer be in good condition. With that, you will need hair services again to get your hair done.

However, this kind of situation can be done easily. As a provider of braiding services in Texas, we are here to provide tips on how to keep two common braids intact during nighttime.

  • Sleeping with box braids

    If you have long box braids, there is a method to keep your hair intact while you sleep. This method is called the top bun method. This method requires two items: an elastic hair tie and a silk bonnet. First, divide your hair into top and bottom sections. Gather the top section, wrap it, and secure it with a hair tie. On the bottom section, separate it into two sections, and cross them at the back of your head. Secure the bottom with a hair tie. Afterward, cover your head or hair with a silk bonnet.

  • Sleeping with cornrows

    For corn rows, you will need a silk scarf and essential oils. First, moisturize your scalp by using any essential oil. Next, use a silk scarf to tie your hair around your neck. At the foot of your hairline, tie a knot. When you have this kind of braid, you should avoid using any pins, as it may loosen the braids.

If you want your hair braided or tips to take care of braided hair at night, you can count on us at O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair. Our hair braiding in Houston, Texas, provides the best braiding services for your hair.

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