Knowing the Various Kinds of Braiding Methods


Braiding has increasingly become more popular. More people have appreciated the uniqueness or the added beauty it can provide to our looks and even its contribution to hair health.

Braids amazingly come in various forms. There is a wide array of braiding methods we can select from. They could be formal or casual. The visual effect of the braiding technique we choose will also depend on the other aspects of our overall style. What’s significant is we familiarize ourselves with the various methods of braiding techniques, such as those offered at braiding services in Texas. We are allowed to select the ones that best suit the events we are attending. Let’s look at the following kinds of braiding techniques.

  • Classic 3-Strand Braid

    This type is recommended for beginners. It’s simple enough as well that even younger kids can do it. It is done by partitioning the wanted amount of hair into three parts. Then we can alternate one part over the other until such time we reach the end of the hair. And like with most all braids, we tie it at the end.

  • French/Dutch Braids

    These follow the alternating braiding method used in the classic braid. What’s different is that we start at the scalp instead of beginning at the head’s base. To execute this, we partition our hair into three parts, but with these braiding methods, we add hair to each part as we start braiding down/across our heads. This makes it possible to weave the braid on our heads instead of just allowing it to dangle. We can have our hair braided using this technique in one of the salons or shops offering these particular hair services.

  • Plait Braids

    Plait braids are similar to classic 3-strand braids with their basic alternating principle. What sets it apart is that in a plaited braid, we are putting more strands. This will make it harder for us to know which particular strand should be on top. It’s not rare to utilize four or five strands. However, we can theoretically utilize as many strands as our hair length and our focus will allow us. If it’s too difficult for us to do it ourselves, we can avail of this hair service in a hair salon.

  • Rope braid

    This braiding technique can also be identified as a twist considering that it only utilizes two strands of hair. We can take each of the two parts and twist them individually in opposing directions, one following the clockwise direction while the other follows counterclockwise. We can then twist them together and tie them at the last part. The two strands which have been twisted individually before putting them together will result in enough tension we need to maintain the braid in place. It’s common to find these braiding methods offered in an African Hair Braiding Shop.

At O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair, you can select the best braiding techniques that will best suit your style. Feel free to contact us to know more about our hair braiding in Houston, Texas.

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