Knotless Braids? Here’s How You Take Care of Them

knotless-braids-heres-how-you-take-care-of-themWomen with Afro-textured hair looking for protective hairstyles that are in have recently rediscovered the magic of knotless box braids. It’s a do that will never go out of fashion thanks to its simplicity and overall natural look. By doing away with the knots between where the hair weave locks to your strands, knotless braids are easy to install yet highly effective in bringing out your preferred style.

Of course, like most styles, knotless braids can be ruined without the right maintenance. O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair is here to tell you how you can make sure your knotless braids sit well with your hair and last long. Follow these tried-and-true tips from our experts in hair braiding in Houston, Texas:

  • Know your hair porosity.
    Not all hair types can hold on to the weave without difficulty, especially fine hair. Our experts in braiding services in Texas recommend investing in repair oil to ensure your hair is strong enough.
  • Never overdo it.
    As much as it’s a protective hairstyle, knotless braids can only go so long before they stress out your natural hair. When it’s time to take it down, take it down. We recommend four to six weeks of wear before removing the installation. Our hair services can take care of that with ease.
  • Moisturize regularly.
    You’ll need this to maintain your scalp’s health and remove any buildup. This ensures that the installation stays comfortable on your head.
  • Protect it day and night.
    You must prevent breakage even as you sleep. So put on a bonnet, silk scarf, or even a silk pillowcase. Apply hydrating elixir to ensure smoothness.

Ready for your knotless braids? Visit our African hair braiding shop to get started.

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