How to Protect Your Scalp While Having Your Braids


Healthy hair development is aided by adequate scalp care regimens, such as regular visits to our hair salon. Furthermore, a thorough scalp care routine aids in the removal of dead skin, keeping the scalp and hair hydrated and balanced, which stimulates hair growth.
The scalp has a gland that excretes sebum to prevent dandruff or fungal development. Large amounts of sebum cause the scalp to become oily and flaky, which can lead to dandruff. Taking care of your scalp also prevents fungal development caused by dirt and product build-up.
Wash your braided hair regularly; once a week is recommended. Use clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner, which you can find at any provider of braiding services in Texas. This regimen keeps your hair and scalp clean and healthy. Massage your scalp while washing to increase blood flow and get the most out of your wash.

When washing braided hair, be careful on the scalp. You may be tempted to rub in to remove dirt build-up, but this will injure your scalp. After cleaning your braided hair, dry it properly by squeezing out the hair rather than pulling it. Pulling also increases strain on your scalp.

Moisturize your hair. After washing, make sure your hair and braids are completely dry before adding a moisturizer. Although natural scalp hair oil helps to keep the hair hydrated, extra oil is required. Massage the hair evenly to moisturize both the tips and the roots.

We hope these tips will keep your scalp healthy and moisturized as you rock your braids. For high-quality hair braiding in Houston, Texas, O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair is the one to visit.

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