How Can You Make Your Braids Last Longer?

how-can-you-make-your-braids-last-longerBraids are beautiful to look at. From Havana twists to Goddess Box Braids, each type is unique in its own right. These braids are stunning and can be complicated to create. For this reason, you want to keep them for as long as you can.

As we provide braiding services in Texas, we want people to learn how they can make their braids last longer. With that, let‘s discuss how you can enjoy your braids longer.

First, it is essential to point out that many braids last for about eight weeks. After this point, you should visit your hair services provider and salons so they can redo your braids.

Braids can last longer when you prepare the hair properly. They should be clean before braiding. Doing so makes sure that no product residue will get in the way of the braiding process.

Of course, moisturizing before braiding can help keep the moisture in after braiding. With that, don’t forget to moisturize your scalp and hair.

When the braids are in, preventing frizz will be a challenge. To avoid any frizzing, you can wrap your braids with silk or satin for protection. You can do this to prevent friction between the pillow and your hair when you sleep.

Of course, you have to be proactive in keeping your braids neat. Perform regular touch-ups to ensure your hair stays in place. A wide range of pomades and holding sprays can help you do this.

For more care tips and other hair care needs, visit us here at O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair. We offer hair braiding in Houston, Texas, and can help you make your braids last longer. Visit us today!

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