Hair Braid Protection: What to Do After Getting It Done


  • Wash and clean your hair.

    After getting braiding services in Texas, you might feel hesitant to wash your hair or clean your scalp. But there are simple and safe ways to do this. Ask your hairstylist about the surefire ways to clean your hair, or watch YouTube tutorials that show you how to wash both your scalp and the braids without compromising the quality of your hair.

  • Use scarves and bonnets to protect your hair.

    Just got your hair braided from a hair salon? The scarves and bonnets could be your saviors when sleeping at night. Pick an elastic bonnet and scarf that won’t slip off, or your hair will be a mess the next day. Visit the store as soon as possible and find something that you can comfortably wear at night.

  • Oil your scalp.

    Putting oil on your scalp every few days after your braids is a lifesaver, especially if you have a dry scalp or dandruff. Ask recommendations from your friends if you want to find a reliable oil option. Wipe down your scalp before putting on oils to prevent product buildup over time. After the braiding hair services at the salon, make sure you know the steps to take care of it.

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