Fun, Creative Ways to Rock Your Senegalese Twists


Ever heard of the Senegalese twist?

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trends for protective dos, you’ll know it’s one of the biggest choices for protective hairstyles alongside box braids. Needing only two strands wrapped around each other for every section, it gives your hair an impeccably tidy tuck that makes it look like rope, hence its other name?—rope twists. It’s a chic way to do Afro-textured hair that comes with many “twists” for IG points.

O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair offers it among its plethora of beautiful, high-end hairstyles. We can use extensions to make it last even longer and offer more protection for your hair, though there’s no stopping you from using your own hair to pull it off! To take it to the next level, our experts in hair braiding in Houston, Texas, suggest the following ways to style your twists.

  • Dye it in different colors.
    Play around with different hues and shades. Colors on a gradient provide a striking, powerful effect. Try black, blonde, and brown for picture-perfect dimensions.
  • Go for a big middle part.
    Sometimes, less is more. Middle parts play into symmetry, which makes your twists look even more eye-catching.
  • Put it in a bun.
    A head full of twists can be a little bulky. Use that to your advantage by putting it up in a big, high bun. For extra flair, leave two twists out on opposite sides of your face.
  • Play with length.
    Whether you want to go with a bob or full Rapunzel, twists offer a lot of options with the length depending on the extensions you use. Our hair services will make sure you get the perfect fit to pull off your look.
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
    Don’t be afraid to go all-out. Charms, beads, metal twines, even bandanas?—twists turn your hair into a canvas begging for detail and decoration.

Interested? Don’t wait! Come on down and get the twists you want with our high-quality braiding services in Texas. Call now to learn more.

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