Common Misconceptions About Braided Hair


As a leading braiding shop in Houston, we are experts in braids. Let us share some of the most common misconceptions we have heard about braided hair and let us debunk them.

  • Braids do not need maintenance.

    While it is true that braids are often known to be excellent protective hairdos, they still need proper care. Neglected braids can damage your edges. Make sure that your braids are not too tight or too thin. The edges should be redone once every two weeks.

  • Braids can lead to hair loss.

    This misconception may have come from people who have experienced hair loss after getting braids. But one of the main reasons this happens is because the braids are too tight. So, ensure to only get braids in a reputable hair salon that knows what they’re doing.

  • It is easier to braid hair.

    With the help of a good hair professional, you can get the best hair braids regardless if your hair is relaxed or not. However, it is important to note not to have your hair braided on the same day you got your hair relaxed.

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