Braiding for the First Time? Here’s What to Expect


New to braiding? Then you might be feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. Don’t worry because we got you covered!

Here’s what you can expect from braiding services in Texas as a first-timer:

  • Be prepared for a time commitment.

    Braiding takes time, especially if you’re going for intricate styles like box braids or Senegalese twists. Set aside a few hours for your hairstylist to work their magic, and remember to bring something to entertain yourself.

  • Expect some discomfort.

    Like other hair services, braiding can involve tension on the scalp, which might feel slightly uncomfortable at first. Don’t worry; it’s normal! You will gradually adjust, and the discomfort will fade. Just don’t hesitate to let your stylist know if the discomfort becomes unbearable.

  • Be ready to maintain it.

    Braids require proper care to last and look good. You’ll need to moisturize your scalp and keep your braids clean to prevent itching and maintain their freshness. Your stylist from the hair salon will guide you on washing and moisturizing.

  • Expect compliments!

    Braids are a beautiful and versatile hairstyle that can turn heads. Get ready for friends, family, and even strangers to shower you with compliments on your new look. Embrace the positivity and enjoy the confidence boost!

Remember, being a braiding first-timer is an exciting journey. Embrace the process and take care of your braids.

Ready to turn heads with your braids? Avail of our hair braiding in Houston, Texas, today! Our stylists at O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair will gladly listen to your hairstyle wishes and give you that new and stunning look.

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