A Simple Guide for Your Havana Twists


Do you need tips for maintaining your Havana Twists? Consider our words when we say:

  • Prepare your hair.

    Before getting any hair services, you want to wash, condition, and stretch your hair. Know your hair texture and what it can handle. Do you have fine hair? Know which protective hairstyle will best work for it. You might also want to pre-wash your hair and air-dry it the night before.

  • Protect the edges.

    Make sure your hair braiding in Houston, Texas, is not installed too tightly, or you may end up with breakage and bumps along your hairline. Do not hesitate to let your hairstylist know if your twists are too tight. Check your edges to see signs of any breakage or irritation.

  • Maintain scalp health.

    Do you have a sensitive scalp? With or without braiding services in Texas, maintaining a moisturized and healthy scalp is essential from the start of installing your twists. Depending on your hair stylists, they may use gel or pomade to smooth the roots and edges. Just ensure to maintain both your hair and scalp health after the twist installation the right way.

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