A Must-Try Knotless and Goddess Braids


For many years, Knotless Box Braids have been the go-to style for women of color. Today, a lot of them are gladly switching to a knotless variation of the style. Traditional box braids may protect natural strands that need a respite from everyday treatment, be simple to manage, and just look gorgeous.

Knotless and Goddess Box Braids may be painful, heavy, and prone to accumulation of germs in the knots made at the base of each braid, among other unpleasant realities, if not done professionally.

There is a potential for hair loss or irritation close to the roots of each braid, depending on your hair type and how you maintain the style. However, knotless braids can be a wonderful option. As long as they are done by experts, you are in good hands. O’Ghaniel’s Hair Braiding and Natural Hair is the go-to Hair Braiding in Houston, Texas.

Knotless braid is a part of our Braiding Services in Texas that draw inspiration from the conventional box-style sections made all over the scalp, but they do away with the tight knot that is typically constructed at the base of each braid to secure the additional extension hair.

This feed-in method starts with your natural hair and adds midshaft length and thickness from extension hair. Despite requiring more effort, a final knotless style may last for four to six weeks. To avail of this type of Hair Services, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

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